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Iyo was first developed in southern California with the concept which was:
“creating a place to be called “the third place” away from home and work.”

In Vietnam we decided to open the 1st store in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh city to be the standard store for our chain in the future. Iyo’s signature products such as Frozen Yogurt, Blended coffee or crepe are guaranteed to be fresh as well as the best quality that can be offered in the smart and fastest way.

However we also provide plenty of finger foods, pizzas and other dishes to fulfill your happiness when you come to Iyo.

Something unique that you can only get at Iyo and nowhere else:
We are the 1st store in Vietnam to offer self-serve frozen yogurt and hot coffee. Our waiters are always ready to serve and help with food or drink orders. We hope you will enjoy this unique experience.

Our Frozen Yogurt guarantees the best frozen yogurt in the market with no icy texture but a slow melting, all natural flavor with a unique creamy from the Italian Yogurt.

IYO coffee was made followed from the standard IYO coffee company where the coffee is 100% authentic.
*** Last thing to add “please enjoy being at Iyo as a third place after home and work.”
If there is something you are not happy with, allow us to correct it until we get it right.